More about us...

A unique approach to excellence

By applying our minds, we strive to contribute to the advancement of humankind.

(Innovate, create and make…)

By simply being observant, we identify solutions to existing problems. Creative thinking drives our team to innovate, develop and design exciting new products that will make life a lot easier for the community at large, whilst saving our clients’ money and enable them to offer an improved service to their customers.

Philosophy of service

By analysing and understanding the needs of our customers, we only focus on quality and sustainable solutions.

Design specifications are being defined and materials specified to ensure top quality outcomes with the target market’s profile in mind.  All critical areas defined, are being managed to minimise risk and further to the above ensure a professional end product, which will stand the test of time, endurance as well as economies of scale. Total client satisfaction is our reward.

Committed to excellence in all departments


Research is a critical component in our approach to develop and design new products. The quality of the research, development and execution, forms an integral part on the analysis thereof.

Reliable information gives us the edge on working with current scenarios, and dramatically improves the probability of success – that will impact favourably on future results.


We take special care in the defining, specifying and procurement processes of materials, to ensure the envisage outcome realises within the economic objectives set out, without compromising on pre-defined quality standards.


The manifestation of the envisaged end product is driving the manufacturing process. The primary focus is to manage the product integrity during the manufacturing and production processes.

Only highly skilled artisans and modern machinery and equipment are being utilised to produce our products. Specified ISO standards are preferred during all manufacturing processes. The important quality control before packaging and dispatch forms an integral part of the final procedures in order to ensure total client satisfaction.